Getting Started In Cyber Security


Here I give you some background to how I broke into the industry and some top tips on how to get yourself started. This video is also a break from my usual technical overviews and I have a bit of fun in the style of the @stokfredrik who's a huge inspiration for me.

Here are my top tips:
1. Learn some attack methods
2. Pick a focus area
3. Target an industry that interests you, e.g. Critical Infrastructure
4. Always be hunting
5. Look for a business that supports your learning and development
6. Contribute your research to the community

Here are some cool people I follow on Twitter, definitely not a complete list, but these guys are bandits:

Enjoy breaking into the cyber security community, give me a follow and DMs are always open:

Also, big thanks to @stokfredrik for the inspiration for this video. Check out his YouTube channel on how to be a Bug Bounty Bandit here:

Peace y'all.

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