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Dating websites allow you to see a person in a very intimate context, framing their successes and accomplishments in life to an important audience. The information contained in these profiles often can't be found elsewhere, offering a unique look into the personal life of the user.

If you know where a person hangs out, you can use a GPS-spoofing extension in the Chrome browser to locate their Tinder profile from Windows or macOS.

From the point of view of an open-source intelligence (OSINT) researcher or hacker conducting recon, dating websites are a unique collection of searchable databases. Researching a target via dating websites can reveal a few kinds of information that are useful for a hacker.

Google Image Search Is Powerful:
Another factor that you can use to dig deeper into a person's life is the profile pictures on Tinder. The dating app allows several photos to be posted, thus gives many opportunities to reverse image search each profile photo to locate other accounts, even if they have different screen names. This can lead to a break like another alias or other more official accounts.

Finally, people don't tend to be very creative when it comes to their personal descriptions. Often, they will simply copy and paste them, which can make it easy to use the same mistakes or grammar in the text to locate them on other websites. Most people have mistakes they constantly make while typing, and these can tie them to other accounts when they reuse portions of text with unique misspellings and mistakes with a regular Google search.

While Tinder has long been available as a mobile app, most users aren't aware the site now allows access from a desktop computer in a web browser. We can use this access to quickly spoof our location in Google Chrome, allowing us to appear near where we expect a user to be and begin filtering through profiles. Since we can do this easily from anywhere, the only information we need to start this kind of attack is an idea of what the target looks like and a general idea of where they live, work, or hang out.

While many dating services can be rather creepily abused on the API level, Tinder allows us to do some basic investigations in a web browser that even a beginner can get started with. To get started, you'll need to have downloaded and installed the Google Chrome browser, as well as an extension called Manual Geolocation.

Building a profile to a human target is multi-faceted. The best way to thinking about it is finding far-flung but connected puzzle pieces of data to fill in an overall picture of what that person's actual and perceived life is like.

Some people may feel very differently about their position in life than the data about them suggests, either because they perceive their own situation radically different than it is or because we have incomplete data to understand important details about their outlook. Many times, data found within dating profiles can provide that missing context to understand how a person thinks.

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