Retro: Assembler Programming With 8085 (Incl. Plan For Board)


In video #297, I started to build an 8085 retro computer board with parts that were used in the late 1970s. In the last video, we mainly looked at the hardware. Today we will finish the hardware and start to program the board in assembler. As we did back then.

In today's video, we will
- Build the single board computer designed in video #297
- Test it and I will show the two most important debugging tools
- Look at how computers were programmed in the '70s and '80s
- Repeat the binary and hexadecimal numbering schemes
- Have a look into the CPU architecture
- Look at assembler programming and "spaghetti code"
-We will see how stacks work
- We will have a look at a nice 8085 simulator
- And we will build a "sophisticated" blink program

Project: (EasyEDA)
8085 Cross Compiler:
8085 Simulator:
8085 programs:
EPROM Programmer: or
EPROM Eraser: or

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