Mailbag With Zigbee, Old 8085 Chips Incl. Programmer, NanoVNA


This Mailbag is divided into two parts. Part 1 aired last Sunday morning.

Part 1:
00:01:04 Newest Arduino Nano
00:03:17 Transistor tester
00:06:01 Box with Switches
00:07:07 Noice Source kit
00:07:07 "Historic" Sound Chip SN76489
00:07:07 Filter MAX292
00:07:07 Filter UAF42
00:10:20 M5StickV
00:10:20 M5StickC
00:14:45 Viewer's Mail

Part 2:
00:00:32 Zigbee Router Boards (CC2530)
00:00:32 100mW Zigbee Modules
00:00:32 2.5mW Zigbee Modules
00:00:32 Xiaomi Vibration Sensor
00:00:32 Xiaomi PIR Sensor
00:00:32 Xiaomi Magic Cube
00:04:37 Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Loudspeaker
00:07:29 Emergency switch
00:08:47 2732 EPROM
00:08:47 M5L8085
00:08:47 D8155
00:08:47 TL866 II Plus
00:13:20 NanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer
00:13:20 NS1201SA Vector Network Analyzer
00:13:20 SMA Calibration kit (if not supplied with VNA)
NanoVNA video: or
00:17:15 Zip Tie Cutter
00:18:34 Viewer's Mail

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