Big Danube River Mailbag (Part 1)


The mailbag vas very filled when I returned from my Danube River Bicycle trip. Therefore it needed two parts.

Products shown:
00:01:52 RND Breadboards
00:02:15 Iwiss Crimper
00:02:33 Joulescope
00:05:07 Radioshuttle LoRa Modules
00:07:34 Energy harvester AEM10941
00:09:49 Ethernet Cable Tester
00:13:47 Small Solar Panels
00:15:04 PAM8406 Class D Audio Amplifiers
00:15:04 PAM8406 Class D Audio Amplifiers
00:15:49 USB ATMEGA32U4 Mini Board
00:17:17 Simple Switches
00:18:20 Mini USB adapter for Raspbery
00:19:09 Electric Door Opener (2 Wire)
or Electric Door Opener (5 Wire)
00:21:34 433MHz Antennas
00:23:59 9V USB battery
1.2V USB batteries

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