HackTheBox - Teacher


00:40 - Begin of recon
02:00 - Poking around at the website to identify what techologies it utilizes
02:30 - Discovering something odd about images/5.png
03:25 - Downloading 5.png to discover it is a text file with a portion of a password
06:00 - Finding a place to login (/moodle), attempt to enumerate valid usernames
08:00 - Using wfuzz to bruteforce the password
11:20 - Looking for a way to enumerate Moodle Versions
13:20 - Searching for exploits for this version and finding "Bad Teacher"
14:40 - Start of manually exploiting this vulnerability
16:00 - Adding a "Calculated Question" which has the formula (vulnerable) parameter
20:16 - Finding artifacts of creating/testing the machine which spoils what we are supposed to do
24:21 - Fixing our forumla to allow for code execution
28:30 - Getting a reverse shell
30:00 - Looking around the MySQL Database to discover hashes of other users
31:52 - The account Giovannibak stands out due to the hash being just MD5
32:30 - Attempting the password (expelled) of the MD5 hash above to login to "Su" to Giovannibak
36:20 - Grabbing and compiling pspy to find a cronjob
38:30 - Running PSPY to discover /usr/bin/backup.sh
40:00 - Abusing the backup cron to have it chmod 777 /etc/shadow (could do anything, sudoers is a bit less noisy)

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