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Location tracking refers to technologies that physically locate and electronically record and track the movement of people or objects. Location tracking technology is in use every day with GPS navigation, locations located on digital pictures and searching for businesses nearby using common apps. While location tracking is often associated with smartphone use since smartphones have a GPS chip, there are other ways location tracking is done.

Facebook is a widely know app that uses your location when your check-in using the Facebook app on a smartphone. When you choose to check-in with Facebook, you are letting Facebook and any contacts you share the information with where you are located at that time. Facebook learned where you were as well as your social contacts. If you're OK with sharing your location, it's not an issue.

Some smartphones track your location using settings you may have never touched. Recently someone using an iPhone asked me how her phone knew how long it would take her to drive to home or work. In iPhones, you give the iOS operating system permission to use your location when you do the initial phone setup. You may or may not remember having done this. In the iPhone, the operating system tracks your frequently visited locations. It knows your location, and it knows how often you go to or from that location.

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