Measure Pressure Remotely (including TPMS Attack)


Modern cars measure tire pressure and display it on the dashboard. How does this technology work? Can we use it for our projects? And what happens if we try to attack it? Let's hack!

We all know these pressure sensors from our weather stations. They are very accurate, but only good for 1100 hPa, which is 1.1 bar. What if we want to measure higher pressures? Then we need this kind of sensors. And if we're going to use it in a battery-operated device? Maybe wirelessly coupled to our Raspberry? Then we come to something like that: A ready-made tire pressure sensor. It contains all we need: A sensor, a microprocessor, a transmitter, and a battery. And it costs around 10 dollars. We even get a cheap solar powered display. Cool. But how does it work? And how can we hack it? And finally: What does this all have to do with beer?

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