WHID Cactus - USB Rubber Ducky Over WiFi | WiFi Human Interface Device (WHID)


WHID Cactus - USB Rubber Ducky Over WiFi | WHID WiFi Human Interface Device.
In this video I will show you WHID Cactus WiFi Human Interface device which can be use as Like Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky Over WiFi.We review and test one of the best and most affordable WiFi enabled Bad USBs around: the WHID Cactus! This device made with ESP8266 wifi chip.ESP8266 is a WiFi module and it's very popular for its Internet of Things applications...
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WHID Cactus - USB Rubber Ducky Over WiFi | WiFi Human Interface Device (WHID) WHID Cactus - USB Rubber Ducky Over WiFi | WiFi Human Interface Device (WHID) Reviewed by Anonymous on October 12, 2018 Rating: 5