(in)Security is eating the world - Michael Coates - AppSecUSA 2018


(in)Security is eating the world; speed and autonomy is our only hope for defense

Technology has transformed nearly every segment of our lives and will continue to dramatically impact the future. From transportation, to medicine, to communication, technology underpins every aspect of how we interact with the world, and with each other. However, every day we see examples of critical security failures impacting technology, and ultimately our lives. The fundamentals of security may be simple, but the implementation is far from it. There is a massive interconnection of technologies, an explosion of data, time to market drivers, and human interpretation is mixed throughout. The solution to this chaos is not to employ more humans toiling for security. Automate or die. The future of security is a dramatic shift to autonomy, scale and speed. Join me as we journey through a talk of controversial stances and hard realities to uncover a strategy for securing the future of technology.

Michael Coates
Co-founder and CEO, Altitude Networks
Michael Coates is the CEO & co-founder of Altitude Networks. Previously, Michael was the Chief Information Security Officer at Twitter. Michael has also served for six years on the OWASP global board of directors, three of those years as the chairman.



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