How to gather Incognito mode browsing history


⭐What is Incognito Mode? The earliest reference to private browsing was in May 2005, and was used to discuss the privacy features in the Safari browser bundled with Mac OS X Tiger.[3] The feature has since been adopted in other browsers, and led to popularisation of the term in 2008 by mainstream news outlets and computing websites when discussing beta versions of Internet Explorer 8.[4][5][6] However, privacy modes operate as shields because browsers typically do not remove all data from the cache after the session. Plug-ins, like Silverlight, are able to set cookies that will not be removed after the session. Internet Explorer 8 also contains a feature called InPrivate Subscriptions, an RSS web feed with sites approved for use with InPrivate browsing.[7]
The common web browser plugin Adobe Flash Player began supporting privacy mode in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari with the release of version 10.1 in June 2010.[8]. Some browsers (like Internet Explorer 8) allow users to select the privacy mode for single tabs, whereas others create a more isolated environment protected by password and cryptography.
⭐SCRIPT: @echo off
Powershell -noexit "ipconfig /displaydns | select-string 'Record Name' | foreach-object { $_.ToString().Split(' ')[-1] } | Sort | Out-Gridview"

copy the above script and make a .bat file and use it
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