Conduct OSINT Recon on Domains with Racoon Scanner [How-To]


How to Use Raccoon Scanner to Do Recon on a Domain
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Reconnaissance is the phase of an attack where a hacker sits back and scoped out the target trying to find any vulnerable or weak links that could allow them to craft an easy exploit rather than taking the long way around. This ensures that any attack isn't up taking unnecessary time and instead is the most efficient one possible to make.

To learn all this information required, you can go a couple different routes and use tools like either Maltego or Nmap but, in general, you'll run up against either cost issues or time issues using these two tools multi go is somewhat expensive.

Tools like Raccoon scanner are fantastic because they coordinate a whole bunch of different scans all at the same time, conveniently organizing the information into a folder which you can read through at the end, which reads kind of like a report of all the different scans that are coordinated. It also just uses Python so if you have python 3.5 then you're good to go .


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Mike Bazzell's "Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information" :


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Conduct OSINT Recon on Domains with Racoon Scanner [How-To] Conduct OSINT Recon on Domains with Racoon Scanner [How-To] Reviewed by Unknown on September 10, 2018 Rating: 5