Metasploit Tutorials - File System and Libraries #metasploit #msfconsole


⭐METASPLOIT FILESYSTEM: The MSF filesystem is laid out in an intuitive manner and is organized by directory. Some of the more important directories are briefly outlined.

⭐DATA: The data directory contains editable files used by Metasploit to store binaries required for certain exploits, wordlists, images, and more.

⭐DOCUMENTATION: As its name suggests, the documentation directory contains the available documentation for the framework.

⭐LIB: The lib directory contains the 'meat' of the framework code base.

⭐MODULES: The modules directory is where you will find the actual MSF modules for exploits, auxiliary and post modules, payloads, encoders, and nop generators.

⭐PLUGINS: As you will see later in this course, Metasploit includes many plugins, which you will find in this directory.

⭐SCRIPTS: The scripts directory contains Meterpreter and other scripts.

⭐TOOLS: The tools directory has various useful command-line utilities.

⭐METASPLOIT LIBRARIES: There are a number of MSF libraries that allow us to run our exploits without having to write additional code for rudimentary tasks, such as HTTP requests or encoding of payloads. Some of the most important libraries are outlined.

⭐REX: The basic library for most tasks
Handles sockets, protocols, text transformations, and others
SSL, SMB, HTTP, XOR, Base64, Unicode

⭐MSF:: CORE Provides the 'basic' API Defines the Metasploit Framework
⭐MSF:: BASE Provides the 'friendly' API
Provides simplified APIs for use in the Framework
Throughout this course, we will touch upon how to use other tools directly within Metasploit. Understanding how things are stored and related to the Metasploit filesystem will help you in using the msfconsole and the other Metasploit interfaces.

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