My most expensive Mailbag so far (Part 2)


This part contains mostly cheaper products plus a gift from one of my viewers.

00:10 All sorts of JST cables
02:09 ESP32 TTGO Mini
03:11 TS100 Solder Tips (TS-BC2, TS-KU,TS-C4)
05:14 Motor+ESC
06:16 40kHz/60W Ultrasonic Transducers Waterproof Ultrasonic receivers
07:54 Wire Stripper 20-30AWG Wire Stripper 10-22AWG
09:52 ESP32 Development Board Felt from local Do-it-Yourself Shop
10:44 LoRa Tracker

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My most expensive Mailbag so far (Part 2) My most expensive Mailbag so far (Part 2) Reviewed by Anonymous on June 07, 2018 Rating: 5