#183 Voltage Regulator Cheat Sheet


Most of our modern processors and sensors need a stable power supply of 3.3 volts. Some older chips require 5 volts. And a raspberry pi needs nearly 1 ampere while an ESP in deep sleep requires only a few microamperes. Sometimes the current consumption is quite stable, and sometimes we have big current spikes like our ESP chips during Wi-Fi transfers.
- We will discuss the two different principles for control of voltage: Linear and switching regulators
- We will find out why linear regulators efficiency often is bad and where this fact is not significant. We also look at the thermal design and how it influences maximum current
- We try to understand why switching regulators have higher efficiencies and can be built smaller for high currents or higher differences between input- and output voltage
- We look at the output ripple and on other high-frequency signals and where they can hurt
- We will test how the different regulators behave when your processor is in deep sleep
- Finally, you should be able to make the right decision for your project
-And you should be able to do a small talk using all the buzzwords mentioned before

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