#174 Bluetooth BLE on ESP32 works! Tutorial for Arduino IDE


Good news! My fake Polar H7 Bluetooth heart Rate sensor works on my ESP32 using the Arduino IDE. I will show you what I had to do. And much more!

Today I can show you
- How you can build a sensor which sends data via BLE to a client
- A client which can receive these values and display them in Serial Monitor
- The mysterious BLE2902 client characteristic configuration and how it works
- The details of the protocol used by the heart rate measurement characteristics. This will help you to build other sensors based on different standardized services and characteristics

First tutorial video about BLE: https://youtu.be/2mePPqiocUE
Sketches: https://github.com/SensorsIot/Bluetoo...
Neil Kolban's Github: https://github.com/nkolban
ESP32 board used: http://bit.ly/2sOMR3E

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Github: https://www.github.com/sensorsiot

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#174 Bluetooth BLE on ESP32 works! Tutorial for Arduino IDE #174 Bluetooth BLE on ESP32 works! Tutorial for Arduino IDE Reviewed by Unknown on January 15, 2018 Rating: 5