#169 LoRa one-to-one Connection for a Mailbox Notifier with an Arduino and a Wemos Shield


You might have heard about LoRaWAN, a network of connected nodes with gateways, brokers and more. If this is too complicated for you, you do not have an internet connection, or if you do not want to depend on other’s infrastructure this video is for you: Today, we will build a point-to-point connection using two plain LoRa modules. And of course we will check out the range of this connection. In the end, I will know when the postman put the nice packets from China into my mailbox. Without going into the freezing winter weather.

- We will build two lovely LoRa nodes, one with an Arduino and one with an ESP8266
- The Arduino LoRa node will be the sender of sensor data
- The Wemos node will act as a receiver of the data.
- It will also get an MQTT connection to node-red
- We will take some precautions against lousy communication conditions and implement a feedback mechanism
- We will do some range testing of this LoRa connection
- We will learn about reducing the power consumption of Arduino boards using the sleep mode
- I will use “precompiler directives” to ease a programmer’s life
- At the end, you will also know what LoRa has to do with drones

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Sketches: https://github.com/SensorsIot/LoRa-Po...
Wemos LoRa Shield: https://github.com/hallard/WeMos-Lora
PCB Wemos: https://pcbs.io/share/4Q1Z4
Other Wemos PCB: https://github.com/marcobrianza/Lora_...
Arduino Pro Mini LoRa Shield https://github.com/hallard/Mini-LoRa
PCB Pro Mini: https://pcbs.io/share/8AGb2
Investigation into power consumption: https://www.iot-experiments.com/ardui...

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#169 LoRa one-to-one Connection for a Mailbox Notifier with an Arduino and a Wemos Shield #169 LoRa one-to-one Connection for a Mailbox Notifier with an Arduino and a Wemos Shield Reviewed by Unknown on January 12, 2018 Rating: 5