Manage your ESP32 and ESP8266 over the Air (


You want the functionality of WiFi manager, secure over the air update, and an overview over all your ESP devices wherever they are?
Two years ago, we announced IOTappstory as a Christmas gift. It was the first Appstore for IOT devices, and it worked for the ESP8266. Today we can announce that it also works with the ESP32. And it got much cooler.
The idea behind is to make it simple and secure to distribute and manage software for IOT devices over the air. Most of us implemented some connected devices in our homes. At places, we cannot easily upload new software or change parameters like passwords or access keys. And if we have more and more of those devices, we even might lose control of which software runs on which board.
The new developed by Onno and me over the last two years
- consists of a library and a Webservice
- stores and distributes software, SPIFFS files, and parameters for ESP8266 and ESP32 boards
- the distribution is done over the air (OTA)
- it has all the functions of WiFiManager like entering Wi-Fi passwords or settings
- it uses HTTPS for transport and makes sure only you can upload software to your devices
- You can monitor your devices over the network
- It works globally. You can also manage your devices in a remote location
- The footprint on your ESP is optimized because most of the functionality runs in your browser
Today I walk you through the installation and the startup of an ESP32 using

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