Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - Basic Instruction | Unboxing | Overview 2018


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - Basic Instruction | Unboxing | Overview 2018
Today in this video I will give you basic instruction and overview of Raspberyy pi 3 Model B latest version of Raspbery pi in 2018.This device changed everything about Linux Computing, IoT devices.It's a single board & credit card size computer.You can also develop different DIY INteresting electronics and robotics project using this device and ardiuno like Security System,Robots,Web servers application and most important you can use this for ethical hacking purpose.
You can install any linux operating systems on it and also you can install most popular penetration testing linux distributions like kali linux,parrot sec,black arch on it and make your own portable hacking machine.

People who want to start learning Cyber Security and ethical hacking but can't afford a Computer,I recomended to get this device at very cheap price.

You can got this device from Here.

Banggood Website: https://goo.gl/d68yow
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B: https://goo.gl/ETN6Ls

Raspberry pi 3 Features :

Raspberry pi 3 has 1.2 GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex - A35 64 bit cpu with 1 Giga Byte of RAM so you can run bigger and more powerfull applications.
It has 10x faster Broadcom BCM2837 chipset with Built in 802.11 bgn wireless Lan and 4.1 Bluetooth,It has 4 2.0 USB Port and 10/100 Base T Ethernet port or Lan Port.
You can use this USB ports to connect your Keyboard,Mouse,External WiFi Adapter and Others Periferaals.With this Ethernet port u can connect your raspberry pi 3 with Internet.
In raspberyy pi 3 you will get 3.5 mm audio jack for Audio Output, FULL size HDMI port to connect Monitor with it and the Power port to give
power on it..you can use Simple Mobile adapter, Power bank or any usb power source to power on it.Also you will get DSI display port for connecting the touch display and CSI camera port for connecting raspberyy pi camera.
on the other side you will get 40 GPIO extenden pin. you can use this 40 pin to enhance your real world projects with Ardiuno and robotics.
I will show you some DIY project in my upcoming videos.On the Back side of this board you will get a micro sd slot for storing information and loding your operating system to the raspberry pi.
In my upcoming videos I'm gonna show you how you can install Operating system like official raspberry pi, Kali linux, and other linux operating systems.
and how to connect your mobile display with raspberry pi 3 .And I'm also gonna make some DIY IOT and AI projects with this raspberry pi 3.So get that device and get readdy for the inovations and development, All the required links and more information of raspberry pi 3 are on description below.
So chechk the description.


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