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Python based Remote Administration Tool(RAT)

Parat is an open-source,multy-threaded,socket and python based remote administration tool.It mainly uses python in core and uses IPv4 for communication(s) and self-encryption(local and remote) for your privacy.

Parat has two interpreter:
Local mode
Remote mode

+Local mode
When you start parat using python2, you actually redirect to local mode and there you can:

-control your local options,
-change UI elements,
-do edits,
-use your unix shell,
-set listen ports,
-generate backdoor,
-and etc. Don't forget some local commands(such as ) are aviable on remote mode.

+Remote mode
You can get in remote mode only when you have connected connections, using sessions -c ID by replacing ID with targets valid identifier.Here you have full access to target machine and so can do remote actions.

You can set local password for parat client and remote connections use self-encryption algorithm(that implement very simple by some bitwise tricks and blabla) automatically.

Although we have diffrent and and better options to handle multiplicity, but finnaly we decide to use threading module for do this.Reason for this choice is that parat is a simple tool and designed just for educational porpuses.So we stop using more sophisticated implements in that.Also its necessary to point that you can listen to diffrent ports at one time usig this feature.

+Sample usage
-enter parat main menu using python2
-make your backdoor using generate -i -p 4444 -o backdoor.pyw
-run backdoor.pyw on target
-play with target on remote mode, using sessions -c 1

Note: don't forget to replace your desired port on step 2 to -p 4444 and also listen on this port using listen -p your_port

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