USENIX Security '17 - Data Hemorrhage, Inequality, and You...


Data Hemorrhage, Inequality, and You: How Technology and Data Flows are Changing the Civil Liberties Game

Shankar Narayan, Technology and Liberty Project Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Washington

Rapidly growing data flows and game-changing advances in aggregation, analytics, and machine learning are changing the game for all of our civil liberties. The public discourse around data often tends to focus on information security, but rarely is inequality at the core of the discussion. Yet we are in a new space where discretion and control over our basic civil liberties is being transferred to private entities from traditional government actors, making it more difficult to recognize threats to our civil liberties, much less respond to them. Our ability to use traditional statutory and constitutional protections is also rendered more challenging by the “tech-washing” of decisions through unaccountable algorithms. The result may be a world in which technology reinforces existing biases everywhere from education to criminal justice, creating a de facto two tier society. This talk will walk through the above dynamics using real-world examples such as police body cameras, advanced metering infrastructure, and other surveillance tools. It will also point to ways to create transparency and accountability around data flows.

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