Stacer - Speed UP Your Kali Linux 2017.3


Stacer - Speed up & Clean Your Kali Linux 2017.3
Make your kali linux faster.Delete unnecessary files, cache, and history and clean your linux to works Speed up your Kali Linux 2017.3
Hello Everyone,Many people ask me on comment and facebook page sstec tutorials to make a tutorials about speed up kali linux machine.
Day by day their kali linux getting slower and not work properly.So i make this tutorial how to speed up kali linux pc.
using stacer you can deltee unnecessary file,cache file ,celar log file and make your kali linux working faster.
Stacer cleaner is like a ccleaner of linux operating can use this tool to clean your kali linux pc and spped up your pc

Download Stacer :

Command : dpkg -i stacer*

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